Apple’s iPhone 8 may not go on sale until late October: Reports

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iPhone 8 is extremely exciting. Wireless charging, curved screens, what more could you want? However, according to a slew of reports, Apple could launch the device as late as October. This would put the launch date at least one month beyond what most reports were suggesting earlier. After all, Apple usually exhibits a partiality towards September when it comes to launching new iPhones.

According to Nikkei, the iPhone 8 may be launched as late as October or November. Apparently, the new high-tech components Apple is deploying in the device including OLED panels, wireless charging components and circuit boards are causing certain production issues that may delay the iPhone from the original schedule.

These reports are validated by famed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who also said something similar yesterday. In his report, he noted the fact that Apple’s attempt towards using custom parts has been affecting production and has been slowing it down.

For instance, Samsung is the exclusive OLED supplier for the curved panel Apple wants to implement in its iPhone 8 devices. However, Samsung is facing difficulties in coming up with the number of OLEDs that Apple wants. The South Korean manufacturer originally planned to go for mass production by May, however, the schedule has been delayed and Samsung may now be looking at entering the production phase as late as June.

Similarly, wireless charging components are also causing issues since its suppliers have been unable to resolve overheating issues. Apple also wants a smaller printed circuit board to make room for a larger battery, again leading to quality control issues.

Apple will announce as many as three new iPhones this year. While two of the devices won’t be too special and will pack slight upgrades over the iPhone 7 series. One of the devices however, will be highly advanced and is expected to pack a whole bunch of tech wizardry including OLED screen, wireless charging, and other add-ons. All this is not going to come cheap however, and the price tag may range up to $1000. Meanwhile, we await an official word from the company confirming these rumors.


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