Why “Being an Architect” is one of the lucrative professions today!

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Dr. Rashmi Ashtt, Principal – Director, Hindu School of Architecture, Sonipat is a highly respected and much awarded name in the world of Architecture and Urban Planning. The PhD. holder in Urban Planning under University Grants Commission has over two decades of experience in the field and has worked on more than 100 projects. In a conversation with Dr. Ashtt, she explains why more and more students are opting to build formidable career in Architecture, with each passing year-

  1. A gigantic world- waiting to be shaped up

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) anticipated jobs for architects to increase 7% from 2014 to 2024. The world might do away with information technologists, accountants, consultants, lawyers or media strategists, but how can it not want infrastructure? There has never been, never will be a dip in demand for Architects- as long as civilization exists. You need hospitals, bridges, homes, offices, factories, schools, roads, airports, banks and what not! Unless there are people to design or plan them, how will the world turn its rounds.


  1. Architecture is a profession that allows endless room for creativity

In May 2015, the median annual salary of architects, except landscape and naval architects, was $76,100, according to the BLS. India has been seeing a steady rise of female professionals entering the space, gradually. The number of women architects has increased in the past 5 years from 34% to 40%. Reason being, the profession is not just safe from gender point of view but gives tremendous respect to creative thinking. As the popular saying goes, “architecture is a fine combination of Art and Science.”

  1. Architects are getting paid handsomely, everywhere

While developed nations have giant companies recruiting young and dynamic architects straight from their Architecture School, India and other developed nations are showing equal promise in terms of placements. The average CTC a Bachelor in Architecture (B.Arch.) draws in India, even as a complete fresher is approximately 2.5 lacs p.a.  The industry is gradually recognizing the kind of freshness young professionals are bringing to the profession and are thereby seeking to hire them from reputed Architecture schools of the country. Hindu School of Architecture witnessed almost 20+ companies hiring young architects across various profiles in a year.


  1. Architecture is a glamorous profession

An architect’s importance in the world history has always been undeniable. If you are meaning to pursue architecture from a reputed school, you will be forged through a very rigorous curriculum that would stretch for 5 years prior to your receiving a degree in B.Arch. from the Council of Architecture (COA), India. Your curriculum will expose you to a global breadth with understanding of international standards. This in turn helps you in networking with expert architects from all across the world; often giving you opportunities to intern with some of the leading architectural firms of India and overseas. Adding to all of it is the charm of always being on top of materials, form, massing, lighting, history, origin, etc.- no matter which building/ city you visit- you always know it all!


  1. You can be your own boss as an Architect today

With the whole biuzz around start-ups in India, an architect is probably one such human being who is best fit to start his/her own endeavor at any point in time in life. You do not always need “A” projects to outshine others. Even smaller projects can help you kick-start your independent career as your own boss. You can enter contests and win commissions for major projects by yourself- or with smaller teams.

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