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Nowhere is the adage ‘Knowledge Is Power’ more relevant than in the medical community. When doctors are aware of and skilled in the latest treatments and surgical procedures, they are empowered to deliver the best possible care. Docplexus, an exclusive online community of Indian doctors, plays a pivotal role in fulfilling clinicians’ information needs through the effective use of technology.

Having successfully collaborated with reputed medical bodies such as the Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies of India (FOGSI) and the Tata Memorial Centre (TMC) earlier this year, Docplexus has now allied with Chellaram Diabetes Institute as Official Digital Partner of the International Diabetes Summit to be held in Pune from the 10th to 12th March 2017. In this role, Docplexus will provide audio-visual coverage of the live event and also interview eminent Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), the videos of which would be made available on its portal.

According to Dr. A.G. Unnikrishnan, CEO, Chellaram Diabetes Institute, “We realized that there may be doctors from other specialties who may be unable to make it to the summit but would still like to be aware of what’s happening in the field of diabetes. Docplexus is there to help such doctors. We are very happy to partner with the platform in a way that will improve and enhance the understanding of diabetes care in the country.”

Notes Phanish Chandra, CEO and Co-founder, Docplexus, “Our experience and expertise in effectively capturing and disseminating the most coveted knowledge to doctors have lent us an enviable reputation as the trusted ‘Knowledge Partners’ of the Indian medical community. We see this as a part of our vision to empower doctors.”

The company is also tying up with leading medical institutes in the country to design online Continuous Medical Education (CME) courses for its 1,75,000+ members. In this month, Dr. Parag Sancheti, Chairman and Managing Director of Sancheti Hospital, Pune, will conduct a module on ‘Knee Osteoarthritis – Recent Advances in Its Management‘ on the Docplexus portal. This would be followed by two other courses, ‘Basics of Surgery – Skill Course‘ and ‘Overview of Breast Surgery Procedures‘ from Dr. Chintamani, Former President, Association of Breast Surgeons of India.

Says Phanish, “Online CMEs score over their offline versions in terms of reach, savings in time and costs, and convenience. Docplexus’ course on Diabetic Foot Management has been completed by 2600 users so far. This indicates the positive impact that Docplexus is making in educating doctors and improving healthcare outcomes in the country.”

About Docplexus

Docplexus is India’s largest and fastest growing online network of allopathic doctors. It empowers them to make better clinical decisions by enabling peer-to-peer exchange of patient cases, dialogue and interdisciplinary learning. Over 1,75,000 doctors across 89 specialties and 1500 cities use the Docplexus portal to access treatment guidelines, certified educational resources and the latest medical news.

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