Finally Justice done says K.Siva Prsasad

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“Finally Justice done,” says relieved K. Siva Prasad who was exonerated of any wrongdoing by the height authorities of Country, both Supreme Court of India and Prime Minister of India.

After 10 years of bitter struggle and humiliation, Siva Prasad feels that these are perils of working in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). He feels that apart from maintaining highest integrity, Civil Servants should cultivate the habit of recording the reasons for taking a particular decision as these decisions can be questioned when circumstances change. Only a reasoned order can sustain scrutiny of investigating agencies and judiciary. He said that his own episode reinforces his conviction that bonafide decisions will stand test of time. He agrees that ten years is a long period to sustain such kind of pressure but he believes that it should be for a reason. Refusing to blame anyone for this humiliation, he said philosophically that struggles come to teach us something which is otherwise not possible to learn.

Many of his colleagues were happy to hear about his exoneration. Some of them were of the opinion that officers are left to defend themselves when such situations come- which is the part life of a civil servant, but Siva Prasad showed courage to face this situation and this needs to be emulated by others.

Another officer elaborated that officers working involves taking decisions and not all will be happy with the decision. Anyone adversely affected by the officer’s decision will try to file a complaint to show his unjustified resentment which gives officers sleepless nights.

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