Grave injustice has been caused to K. Siva Prasad IAS: Punjab and Haryana High Court

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Hon’ble High Court has gone through reply of CBI and the petition of K. Siva Prasad, IAS the then GM FCI who claimed that he was falsely implicated by vested interests and CBI failed to appreciate the case. On the other hand, he was known to eradicate corruption wherever he worked and gave the example of modernization of Sub Registrar’s office which reduced both frauds as well as corruption. Both sides have presented lengthy arguments. High Court further came to the conclusion that the version of CBI that no action was taken by K. Siva Prasad, IAS against erring staff has no basis on account of the fact that stringent action as per record had been taken by K. Siva Prasad, IAS. The statement of witness further says that necessary inspections were also conducted by K. Siva Prasad.

The High Court put reliance on the statement of the then CMD to the CBI apart from the record, where he categorically stated that as per his knowledge goes there is no complaint against the integrity of K. Siva Prasad, IAS the then GM, FCI and the fact that he took action at regular intervals justifies the statement.

CMD further wrote to Government earlier that K. Siva Prasad, IAS using his clout as Punjab cadre officer has on several occasions saved FCI/Government from tremendously embarrassing situations including that handling inadequacy of parboiled rice in the last season through local initiative. Despite handling almost 50-60% of the country’s wheat and rice procurement if there have been a few black sheep in the local staff who have done some procurement below specifications, which is only a minuscule of total procurement¬†that shouldn’t be held against the officer. A stringent action was taken by K. Siva Prasad, IAS¬†against lower staff anyway.

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