Investigative Journalist Shantanu Guha Ray Finds his Real-life John Galt

Business Wire IndiaSixty years on, and the character of John Galt from Ayn Rand’s 1957 masterpiece Atlas Shrugged still holds relevance. Like many iconic figures in the past who have challenged the status quo, this time it is Jignesh Shah – the poster boy of Indian financial markets – who has been compared to John Galt in the book ‘The Target’ by Shantanu Guha Ray.

Shantanu shows how Jignesh Shah’s life story bears a startling resemblance to that of John Galt. Like Galt, Shah too believes in the power and glory of human innovation and is fighting a collectivist social and economic structure that embraces mediocrity in the name of egalitarianism.
The book takes you through the fascinating journey of Jignesh Shah in revolutionizing the financial markets. Shah, through his organization FTIL, (now 63 moons technologies limited) disrupted our financial markets by introducing futuristic products and solutions in the fintech industry. He did not stop there. Shah went on to realize his lifelong ambition of getting into the exchange business. Within a period of 10 years, FTIL had created 10 world-class exchanges across the world. All his businesses were leading players in the market, demonstrating Shah’s zest for excellence similar to that of John Galt.

Like all heroic stories, there are many roadblocks too in the journey of Jignesh Shah. Shantanu shows how our modern day society is no different from the world created by Ayn Rand in her 50’s novel. The role of oppressive bureaucratic functionaries in targeting Jignesh Shah and his group FTIL is strikingly similar to that of John Galt’s world.

We can only hope that Jignesh Shah will also bounce back like John Galt and justify his comparison to the legend.


Stories are written by writers who know the crux and the situation of what one character goes through during the turbulent times. Ayn Rand’s masterpiece, ‘Atlas Shrugged’, is one such book. The protagonist of the book, John Galt is an iconic figure even after 60 odd years. Today, Jignesh Shah, the poster boy of Indian financial market is being compared to the iconic character in Shantanu Guha Ray’s ‘The Target’. The book shows the journey of a visionary who introduced cutting-edge solutions and the roadblocks he had to face against the bureaucratic nexus.

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