The Mysteries of Universe Revealed in Educreation Publishing’s New Book by Ashish Kumar

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Ashish Kumar, a young writer, in his book entitled ‘Detailed Geography of Space’, published by India’s leading self publishing company, Educreation Publishing, has unleashed the mysteries of the Universe. The book has been recently released worldwide, helping students, researchers and knowledge-seekers to get a glimpse on the unrevealed mysteries of the Universe.

Ashish Kumar, currently residing in Delhi, is basically from Haridwar, Uttarakhand. He earned his B.Tech. (IT) from SRMSCET, Bareilly, UP in the year 2004. Ashish has also completed C-Dac from Delhi, back in February 2006. His large span of interests finds its home in the Hindu Philosophies and science, and a quest of success beyond the material realms. Prior to the current publishing of his new book, he has already two books published to his credit, which are ‘Love Incomplete’ (in English) and ‘Kya Hai Hindustan Mai’ (in Hindi). His first research article was published in the International Journal of Engineering and Scientific Research, December 2015 edition, with title ‘Theory of Anything – Sankhya Philosophy’.

According to the author, scientists often fall numb in the face of some of the greatest mysteries that Nature holds, for example why quantum particles show dual nature and uncertainty; how black holes are created in space; why can we only feel presence of dark matter and dark energy but unable to locate them in the Universe; why amount of matter and anti-matter differs in our universe; the unknown possibility of time travel; what are the Higgs bosons, their composition and how they give masses to other particles; can teleportation be possible; can other planets sustain life and many other mysteries of physics solved only by a simple old Hindu philosophy named ‘Sankhya Philosophy’ or philosophy of evaluation of elements. Yes, a philosophy that is based on three properties of nature called Sattwa (goodness), Rajas (activity) and Tamas (inertia) are all that’s needed to unveil the beauty of Nature, a beauty rendered invincible by mysteries. Finally, will the quest for a unified theory of anything be fruitful?

Once people start to perceive or visualise things in space, pondering on the question that how this universe came into existence is inevitable. Till which point is this space visible? Is time actually flowing in the direction as it appears to? And how will it collapse, if so? These are the questions that have kept people who think that they are conscious at one time or the other in his/her life on their toes. But till date, we are unable to answer the above-mentioned questions with cent percent accuracy. Of course, time to time, some thinkers, philosophers and scientists have tried to provide many views and theories. Some are good and some are flawless, but till date, very few have actually reached that point from where we are able to give or find answers of almost all the above-mentioned questions, if not all. Every time when some theory comes into existence promising answers to the mysteries behind the creation of the Universe, time, cosmos, quantum physics or similar topics, we see a ray of hope of those mysteries getting solved.

Author has self-published his book through Educreation Publishing, and as per his experience, the dream of self-publishing books of new emerging author worldwide has hit the reality because of the platform provided by Educreation Publishing, No. 1 Self-Publishing company in India. Self-publishing is trending among the emerging Indian authors, and Educreation Publishing is leading the self-publishing platform in India since 2011. With books like ‘Detailed Geography of Space’, Educreation Publishing is making its name as the most successful and trustworthy self-publishing company in India.

Describing about his journey authoring the book, Ashish elaborated that he has had interest in science since his childhood. He had started reading Hindu scriptures 11 years back. In the same series, he met Hindu Philosophical scriptures called Upanishads, and his mind started exploring the link between all time concepts of science and science explained in Upanishads, with his mind exploring without any restraints. When he realized that his job put a leash on his quest for the ultimate truth, he resigned from his job in March 2015, dedicated his whole time with sleepless nights to his research for a link between Hindu philosophy – Sankhya – and science. He was looking forward to explain all unsolved problems of science in more detail, so he started to write his current book, which is in fact an extension of his published research article. It has taken him one year from January 2016 to December 2016 to complete the book, including many nights entrancing him.

On asking that who he believes was the most supportive and important for the successful publishing and releasing of his first book, Ashish said that his father Chhotan Singh and his mother Sansa Devi have inspired and supported throughout this complete journey. In this book, the author has first tried to explain Sankhya philosophy as it is or in an abstract. Then, he penned and solved some general notions and rules of physics from Sankhya philosophy so that he can use them in subsequent chapters to solve the most advanced concepts and secrets of the Universe. After writing novels on humor and philosophy, now he is working on another project – which is mythological novel – that will change the thinking of scientists and also of followers of religion all together.

The emerging authors are selecting self-publishing in India as the way to give wings to their dreams, and with the continuous and honest feedbacks of authors, the claims of Educreation Publishing of being No. 1 self-publishing house of India is retained.

Self-publishing books in India by emerging authors is expected to grow to a much higher scale in the real future, because all of us has stories, feelings, emotions, thoughts and experiences, which we want to share with in words.

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