Career Counselling Pilot Being Undertaken by Government of Jharkhand in One of its District for Career Awareness Among Students

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Career counselling is now considered as an essential element of Indian education system and for skilling initiative of government to be successful. Government has been working diligently in order to provide career counselling in many government schools which are located in urban as well as rural areas. Majority of private schools in metro cities have started providing their students multiple sessions of career counselling so that they can select their careers appropriately. The drive to provide rural students an access to career counselling is still going on and government is working on it with the support of some private companies. Jharkhand government is leaving no stone unturned to enhance education quality in the state and is augmenting it through different measures such as regular career counselling and advice to its students.

In its efforts to support rural education, Jharkhand government has collaborated with and to organise career counselling events in Lohardaga district of Jharkhand. The events will be held over a span of two months and will cover students from class 9th onwards. The pilot will be held in 7 schools and more than 1000 students are expected to be impacted by the career counselling activity. The session will be attended not only by the students but by the school teachers and principals. The sessions will focus on informing students about their strengths and subsequently guide them about suitable career options for them while enhancing knowledge about new-age career options.

The sessions are organised by certified career counsellors and starts with guiding students about the importance of career counselling and how they can use it to select a career option. The sessions also involves an informative session on vocational and skill based courses and an awareness session about different career choices. A confidence enhancing activity is carried out in all the schools to inspire students and they are also helped to make their individual career design map. In all the sessions being held, career counsellors provide all the students their individual psychometric test reports which ideally help the students in assessing their talents and skills. Based on psychometric test results, students are given a report which maps the best suitable career options for them. An open question session concludes the career counselling session in which students are motivated to ask any career related query from career counsellors. Every career counselling event comprises of following activities:

  • Career awareness session
  • Psychometric test
  • Group career counselling session
  • Booklet distribution with 550 career options
  • Questioning session

The event was organised with the support of education department of Lohardaga district. Deputy Commissioner of the area, who also holds responsibility of education in the district, paid personal visits to the sessions and motivated the students to take an active part in the sessions.

Different State Governments are looking to conduct such events in different parts of the country. Career counselling is equally important in rural areas however, due to limited resources, these students do not get access to it. and are trying their best to bring career counselling in access to each and every student of the country regardless of their physical location.

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The Government of Jharkhand is working towards strengthening the basic format of education of Jharkhand. It is also working to bring about a fundamental change in the elementary education system and directly influence the overall socio-cultural scenario.

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