Dhinendra Lohmor Backing Up Young Entrepreneurs

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Dhinendra Lohmor is the secret name behind the inspirational success of numerous start-ups, entrepreneurs, and business expansion plans. Dhinendra Lohmor recognizes the significance of new ideas that can be turned into big business ventures. Dhinendra Lohmor offers the seed money for start-ups in this particular scenario where top financial institutions prefer offering financial assistance to renowned and established businesses. But, being an ex-banker, Dhinendra Lohmor showers his trust and monetary sources over those new projects that are powered by passionate individuals and capable of yielding profits in the future.

Dhinendra Lohmor recognizes the need of the hour, thus, he’s more inclined towards backing up great ideas rather than favouring renowned companies with his financial resources. With his proven competence and skills in the banking sector and PPP initiatives taken in varied sectors, Dhinendra Lohmor have successfully established new businesses, turned around loss making companies, introduced innovative concepts targeting niche segments and re-structured stalled companies and projects.

By now, Dhinendra Lohmor has explored and handled both, domestic as well as international markets, mainly in MENA region, Eastern Europe and Latin America.  Dhinendra Lohmor’s major contributions and initiatives were acknowledged in creating and re-developing high-end commercial banking products other than fostering collaborations, indulging in performance empowerment and delivering excellent results across various business domains in this ever-changing professional environment.

Dhinendra Lohmor isn’t merely a funder who supports young and passionate professionals stepping ahead to build a powerful business but also he’s a mentor and guide, under the guidance of whom you can achieve unparalleled success and build an unmatchable professional character.

Dhinendra Lohmor is truly an epitome of professional excellence whose bright mind, profound and lucrative business strategies are always there to hold up start-ups and entrepreneurs. Dhinendra Lohmor is truly the name to fall for, especially for those individuals who are struggling to penetrate the business environment with zero or minimal resources.


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