First Australian Sports Nutrition Company “MUSCLE X” to Launch in India soon

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The fames Australian Sports Nutrition Company – MUSCLE X is going to be launched very soon in India as well. The company will offer a wide range of products for the sportsmen and people involved with body-building and other gymming activities; such as Mass Gainers, Proteins and Performance and Strength increasing products. MUSCLE X has been reviewed and rated highly positive in the Australia and is now all set to launch its products in India.

MUSCLE X offers 2 types of Mass Gainers; 31 types of Proteins and 4 types of products for performance and strength increase. These products are available in different sized packets as well as different flavours. The flavours in which these products are available include Mango, Orange, Bountie, Chocolate Indulgence, Iced Mocha, Honeycomb, Dutch Chocolate, Pineapple, Strawberry, Vanilla and Watermelon. Generally, the sportsmen and fitness enthusiasts tend to refrain from the powdered supplements and stick to the tablets only. This is mainly because of the taste of the powders. But the MUSCLE X has overcome this drawback and offers products in different flavour that allows a lot of people to consume the products easily.

On being approached, the MUSCLE X team said that they just want to offer the best quality products consistently to all the athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They said that the MUSCLE X products help the athletes to rebuild and recover the muscle which means that their bodies get better equipped to suit the challenges and matches they are preparing for. These products will help them in achieving the right weight to muscle mass ratio for the category of sports or physical activity they are associated with. The supplements not only help them in gaining muscle and managing their protein levels efficiently, they also assist them in the resting phase when they are not following any strict work-out regimes. The increased awareness regarding the health and sports in India has motivated the company to launch their products in India as well so that the athletes can train well and deliver the performances that help them outshine and outperform.

MUSCLE X boasts of its strict quality control methods and selects the ingredients via a highly stringent and gruelling selection process so that nothing but the best reaches the athletes. Australia is a sports and fitness oriented country which is why there is an inherent attitude towards making the best products. MUSCLE X has been selling sports supplements in Australia and has been reviewed as a highly effective and genuine source.

All the MUSCLE X products are lab tested; pass all the guidelines for the human consumption with high scores; have been made with high-quality raw materials; carefully designed and developed and promise to meet as well as maintain the supplement requirements of athletes of all kinds. All the MUSCLE X products have been manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality set by the Food Authority of NSW, Australia.

MUSCLE X will be an instant hit among the athletes and the young fitness enthusiasts all across the nation and will of course become one of the most trusted fitness partner.

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