FORE’s Online Certification Course in Big Data and Data Analytics

On 5th of March, 2017 FORE School of Management, New Delhi launched its first online certification course in Big Data and Data Analytics using the virtual learning platform of Education Lanes (A Tech Mahindra Enterprise).

The six month online course is a joint certificate of FORE and University of California, Riverside Extension, USA.  The details can be seen at

This course is aimed at providing participants with Data Analytics skills, given the importance of this new and exciting field. As per numerous HR surveys, Big Data and Data Analytics is currently the most in-demand skill for professionals.  Aimed at technical professionals and executives, the course will tackle state-of-the-art topics in big data ranging from data collection, storage and processing to analytics and visualization, as well as address a range of real world applications.

As per Prof. Asif Zameer, Chairman MDP, FORE, this course is ideal for ambitious Executives from Public/Private sector looking to sharpen their skills in data analysis, Academicians for extending the horizon of their knowledge, Data Scientists/Developers to learn techniques that will have applications in a broad array of disciplines, and Students/research Scholars who have had an introductory course in Statistics.

The course is designed on a schedule that minimises interference with work schedules. The course has two parts: one, the analytics part; second, the technological part. The analytics part is about learning machine learning algorithms and implementing them; the technological part is about learning to work in the Hadoop ecosystem including NoSQL databases. At the end of this course, given a large dataset from any domain, a participant will be able to

  • Clean and transform/process the dataset to make it ready for analysis
  • Select a subset of appropriate machine learning algorithms that could be applied to get the desired predictive results
  • Gain sufficient proficiency in tools necessary to implement algorithms
  • Put to use the tools and techniques to get a reasonable predictive accuracy

This course is project oriented. All tools and data, including the Hadoop ecosystem, necessary for learning data-analytics are provided to the participants in advance.

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