RICS Launches Executive Education to Upskill Real Estate & Construction Professionals

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RICS has launched Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) – a one-year executive program designed for mid-career to senior professionals in the real estate, construction, and infrastructure sector.

ELP is meant to improve knowledge and skills for specialization in a particular area and to initiate the process of gaining the chartered qualification – MRICS. The credentials MRICS signifies that the professional works to the highest industry standards. It is valued by clients and governments as a global benchmark for integrity and professionalism necessary for market confidence. MRICS is awarded to professionals following an assessment – which depends on education (accredited or non-accredited degree) and professional work experience (years, responsibility, relevance).

​Emerging Leaders Program—Your bridge to MRICS

The Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) is being offered in five specializations: ELP in Real Estate Management, ELP in Corporate Real Estate & Facilities Management, ELP in Real Estate Valuation, ELP in Quantity Surveying and ELP in Construction Project Management. It is a 300-hour program delivered in a combination of face to face classes and online format, over a one year period. The program is delivered by full-time faculty of the RICS School of Built Environment and empaneled industry experts. The first batch will commence on June 5, 2017, and May 15, 2017, is the last date for enrolment.

Sachin Sandhir, Global MD – Emerging Business, RICS, said, “ELP is targeted at working professionals in the built environment space. It will give them an opportunity to sharpen their skills in their chosen area of specialization and will make it easier for them to acquire MRICS qualification. The industry stands to gain from such a program because it will help them move towards becoming more knowledgeable, professional and ethical, thereby inspiring confidence in investors and buyers. Real estate professionals in India will be able to speak the global language of real estate inspiring confidence of international investors as well.”

RICS works in partnership with universities worldwide to accredit degree courses. This means that when a professional studies on an accredited degree this will be recognized by employers as the benchmark of quality. Possessing an accredited degree makes it easier for an individual to become a chartered qualified professional since they already possess the required knowledge and skills. In India, bachelor’s and master’s degrees awarded by RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University are the only degrees accredited by RICS.

There is no restriction for working professionals who wish to enroll for ELP for gaining competence. Enrolment to ELP for gaining chartered qualification will, however, be guided by the pre-requisites for MRICS in the chosen specialization.

About RICS

RICS is a global professional body. We promote and enforce the highest professional qualification and standards in the development and management of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure. Our name promises the consistent delivery of standards – bringing confidence to the markets we serve. The work of our professionals creates a safer world: we are proud of our profession’s reputation and we guard it fiercely. RICS offers a wide range of executive education & training solutions for real estate and construction professionals as well as employers. RICS School of Built Environment, Amity University and its faculty are the delivery partners for such training programs.

http://www.rics.org/in/ | www.ricssbe.org

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